Pricing Criteria
Golden Glitter Throughout Pelt
     The most important thing is getting the right kitten for you and your family. Each cat has its own personality and we try to assist you in making the right choice.
     Breeding Bengals is not an easy task. It takes a considerable amount of time, patience and effort, not counting food and veterinarian expenses. 

Pelt Standard 
The more exotic the pattern on the back and the rosettes will affect the price. When determining price bengals need to have all the required characteristics of the breed.
Black Eyeliner
​4 Black Bands Run from the Forehead to the Back of the Neck
Lighter colored hair around the eyes
Stripes and Spots on Legs
​Light Whisker Pads and Black Lips
Black Necklace
​Tail Should be Spotted or Ringed with a Black Tip
Heart-Shaped  or Paw Print Rosette
​Light Belly with Black Spots & No Rib Bars