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Our Kings and Queens
Our Kings and Queens meet the highest standards in the Bengal breed.  We have large beautiful Bengals with gorgeous spots and rosettes. Their coats are silky, sleek and full of glitter.
Socrates has a very silky and plush pelt. He has large bold spots and his coat is full of golden glitter. He is a vey sweet boy that loves lots of attention and playtime. He also carries Seal Lynx Point.
Queen Sophia is a Mink Snow and has aqua blue eyes. She has beautiful pattern with a coat full of white glitter. This beautiful girl carries Mink, Seal Lynx Point and Charcoal. She loves her babies but they are usually bottle fed because she produces very little milk. 
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​This gorgeous baby girl is out of Queen Sophia and Aristocatbengal King Viking. She has a silky soft pelt that is full of glitter. She carries Seal Lynx Point and Charcoal. Her genetic testing shows she carries non-Agouti gene for charcoal which means she can produce Charcoal kittens with Jazz. We are very excited to see the kittens out of these two.
The newest addition to our cattery Jazz is exquisite. He has beautiful pattern and has glitter through out his pelt. We love his lynx tipped ears!  He loves attention and everyone he meets. Genetic testing show's he carries the rare Wild ALC Agouti gene for charcoal. He also carries the gene to produce Seal Lynx Point.
Snow White is an exquisite Lynx Point Snow. She is just as sweet as she is beautiful and is a wonderful mother to her kittens. She has rare large clouded rosettes that are passed on to her kittens. She has a short plush pelt that is full of glitter. She is coming to us from my partner at Aristocat Bengal and will be bred by Aristocatbengal King Thunder (Son of Queen Sophia). Thank you to Deborah at Aristocat Bengal for allowing us to add her to our Cattery.
Pictures of Belle at 3 months